What we believe in

The Golden Mean Café uses local, natural and organic ingredients to create our menu. Our café proudly represents care for our environment in everything from the reclaimed wood tables to our recycled & compostable take-out containers.

Our diverse menu is created with organic, natural ingredients that balance the whole body.

Our incredibly delicious vegan and wheat-free pastries and cakes are baked fresh each morning by our team of talented chefs.

Our Smoothies, Juices and Elixirs are made fresh from organic ingredients, each with a unique focus on whole body health.

The Story

Aaron was living a simple lifestyle for many years in the mountains in the Malibu area. He felt it was time to create more community for himself and for others so he opened Golden Mean in 2009 at the height of recession with everything on the line. He put his face into practice and here we are seven years later, thriving and growing with a wonderful community that he had dreamt of. 


Aaron Glassman


Aaron brings 25 years of restaurant experience to Golden Mean. He also is a musician and an entrepreneur who launched the businesses Science of Love and popular beverage Macaccino. Aaron is also a writer and a long time practitioner of yoga and mediation. 

Our creations