Whether you are already eating a healthy or plant based diet, or thinking ways to nourish your body in a whole full soulful way, we know you want to do it right.

The healthiest plant based diet starts with fresh produce, whole grains, beans, nuts and seeds – basically, the ingredients that form the basis for our food pyramid. You can find most of what you need for a satisfying and nutritionally sound plant based diet whether it's a salad, sandwich, skillfully made our "famous" works burger or plant based spaghetti meatballs. If your palettes are craving a sweet little something, our wheat free, and often sugar free and gluten free, desserts and treat will satisfy your sweet tooth right away. 

Healthy food does not have to taste bland or generic. Every dish at Golden mean is made with fresh, organic, locally sourced and supported, whole plant foods fruits and vegetables. We make our own dressings and sauces and our breads, coffee, teas, beans and grain come from local organic based vendors. Our menu offerings are made daily from scratch and our soups are seasonal based. If it's highly processed, it's not food. Our goal is to bring you food, that serves your body, mind and health it's purpose which is to provide, vitality, growth, clarity and mostly - balance and harmony.